Experience counts

Since pioneering Recuperative Care in Orange County in 2008, Illumination Foundation has served more than 3,000 homeless individuals coming through the healthcare system. Each client has been provided compassionate and comprehensive medical oversight in a clean and safe environment. Illumination Foundation will give each person the support and care that they need to allow them to recover, while medical and social case managers connect them to long-term medical, mental health, and social services in the community.

Based on the success of Recuperative Care in Orange County, the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) has requested Illumination Foundation to expand this program into Los Angeles in 2010 and San Gabriel Valley in 2014. The Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) has requested expansion to the Inland Empire in 2015.

IF Recuperative Care is the Solution

Hospitals face the challenging task of discharging a homeless patient who lacks a safe environment to recover. For years, this resulted in patients discharging to the streets with no other option. With no proper place to recover from injury or illness, these patients would constantly end up back in the emergency room. A need for a program to decrease recidivism of the homeless became apparent, and Recuperative Care was created to help mitigate this issue and provide a safe discharge option for hospitals. 

Illumination Foundation is ready to help with a program designed specifically to care for homeless patients who do not have a place to recuperate after discharge. This program ensures that patients will have a place to stay off of the streets to properly recover and prevent a return to the emergency room. Patients are provided interim housing, integrated medical oversight, intensive case management, and the opportunity to end their cycle of homelessness as they work towards a life of self-sufficiency.